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After the third Test of Sri Lanka-India, the ICC has released the latest ranking of Test batsmen. Man of the series Shikhar Dhawan and Man of the Match Hardik Pandya, who scored a magnificent century in the Pallakele Test, got the best ranking of their career, while in the top 10, four batsmen from India (Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli, KL Rahul and Ajinkya Rahane) has joined and Shikhar Dhawan also get some Great hike in Test Batsman Ranking.

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Australia captain Steve Smith still remains in first place. Cheteshwar Pujara failed to make much contribution to Pallekele Test and went from one place to the fourth position. Virat Kohli retains the fifth place. With the benefit of two places, KL Rahul, Ninth and Ajinkya Rahane have moved up to the tenth place from four places. In Top 10, Ken Williamson (third), Johnny Barstow (sixth), Azhar Ali (seventh) and Hashim Amla (eighth) have benefited from each place. David Warner is 11th out of the top 10.

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Shikhar Dhawan out of top 10, 28th in the 10th position with great advantage and hard-hitting Pandya, who scored a century in the third Test, 45 places that have gone from 68 places with a tremendous advantage. Riddhman Saha (45th) and Ravichandran Ashwin (49th) have lost each place, while Ravindra Jadeja remains at 51st position. Online Cricket Betting India

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Dinesh Chandimal from Sri Lanka with the advantage of two places is 33rd and Niroshana Dikewala is 61st with the advantage of 7 places. Angelo Mathews is on the 19th, Kusle Mendis 22nd, Dimuthararten 30th and Upul Tharanga at 58th place.

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The Test series between England-West Indies and Bangladesh-Australia can have an impact on the rankings and see who stakes in the top battle between Steve Smith and Joe Root?

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Love to Watch Kabaddi Then you must Know Kabaddi Rules

Kabaddi is a game that has different types. For example – the Kabaddi played under international rules, they consider all the countries which are consistently linked to this game. There are many Indian styles of kabaddi because it started in ancient India 1000 years ago. Different rules are followed in different parts of the country.

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Kabaddi is very famous in South Asia and it is also a national game of Bangladesh and Nepal. Pro Kabaddi Betting India

In the international format of the game, seven players from two teams compete together to win and the ones whose points are too high, are victorious. In the match of men, the size of the field is 10x13m, so for women, it is 8x12m. Every team has three reserve players which are used according to the situation. Each half-time game is 20 minutes and after five minutes of half time break the teams change their side

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Every team sends its rider to the other half of the other team and to win the point, the player has to touch more and more players of the opposing team while keeping his ribs in the breath and then have to come in half to breathe. The Raiders have to say ‘kabaddi kabaddi’ during the red so that the referee may feel that he is doing it in the same breath but now a day technology become advanced that why this rule was over raiders have 30 seconds to complete their raids within 30 seconds. If the raider leaves the spring or fails to come in its half minutes, then it is taken out.

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The players of the opposing team are also excluded who can not stop the raiders from going into their half after being tagged. This is the work of the defenders that they can outrun the raiders in any way. Just like the defenders are not allowed to cross the centre line, the reader is not allowed to cross the boundary line. However, there is also a bonus line, which gives bonus points if touching by the reader returns to its half. Pro Kabaddi Betting Tips 2017

Bonus Line | Pro Kabaddi Betting

Players who are carried out by the referee are not in the match for some time. A player gets a point when the player is out and if the whole team is out, then the other team gets 3 bonus points. The team whose most points at the end of the game is the winner.

Indian Amateur Kabaddi Federation has given 4 ways of playing. A player of the other team comes back when a player of the opposing team is out in Sanjeevani Style Kabaddi. This game is 40 minutes in which there is a 5-minute break between the two halves. Each team has 7 players and all players of the other team get 4 points when they are out.

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Patna Pirates defeats Telugu Titans by 43-36. 5th Consecutive Loss for Telugu Titans

Patna Pirates defeated Telugu Titans by 43-36 in a match of Pro Kabaddi Season 5 in Hyderabad. Paradip Narwal for Patna Pirates Score 12 and Monu Goyat scored 10 points to win the team’s unilateral victory. Rahul Chaudhary scored 12 points for the domestic team, but could not save his team from the fifth defeat consistently. Patna Pirates is now topped in Zone B with 10 points and they are played like a Defending Champion Patna Pirates also have balanced team and they win Victory twice. Pro Kabaddi Betting India

Patna pirates vs Telugu titans

Despite Rahul Chaudhary’s Super 10 but out of Jawahar Dagar, Patna Pirates defeated Telugu Titans by 43-36, Paradip and Monu Goethe performed brilliantly.

In the last minute, Monu Gayat’s tremendous red and two points with his super 10, ahead of Patna 43-33

In the 38th minute, Paradip Narwal was successful in his red and before Rahul Chaudhary’s successful red, ahead of Patna 41-33

In the 38th minute secured in your Red and Patna 41-30 ahead

Patna pirates all out in 37th minute and Manish got out in red, Patna now ahead 40-30

Another successful red saved in the 37th minute

In the 36th minute, secured successful Red and Telugu Titans another point, Patna 40-26 ahead

Patna Piretes | Pro Kabaddi Betting India

In the 36th minute, Pardeep goes out in his Red and Titans singles and points

Successful Red of Rahul Chowdhury’s successful Red and Telugu Titans in the 35th minute

Five minutes remaining in the match and Patna Pirates have taken 17 points in the match and the Telugu Titans move forward to lose their fifth consecutive match. Pradeep once again in the best form 5 Kabaddi Players who can Win the Title of Strongest Player in Pro Kabaddi Season 5

Pardeep Narwal Raids | Kabaddi Betting India

In the 30th minute, Pardeep goes out in his Red and Patna now 34-21 ahead
Rahul’s doo and die red in the 25th minute and he got out, Patna now ahead 26-17

The end of the first half and the Patna Pirates have maintained their edge, behind the Telugu Titans 16-23, once again they are moving towards defeat, will they be back in the second half

In the 15th minute, Nilesh Salunkhe got Patna’s defence out, Patna ahead of 13-12, then another successful Reddad of Pardeep, Patna now ahead of 14-12

Telugu Titans | Pro Kabaddi Betting

There is a lot of exciting competition in the first ten minutes of the match and the need to return to Telugu Free Sports Betting India

In the tenth minute, Nilesh Salunkhe’s successful Red and Telugu got bonuses, Patna 10-8 ahead.

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Bengaluru Bulls beat Telugu Titans by 31-21, losing home team’s second consecutive defeat

On the third day of the fifth season of the Pro Kabaddi League, Bengaluru Bulls defeated Telugu Titans by 31-21. These three matches of the domestic team are the second defeat and Bengaluru Bulls has started the season with the win. With this win, where the Bulls got 5 points, Titans did not get a single digit. Telugu Titans captain Rahul Chaudhary completed his 500 red points in Pro Kabaddi but could not win for the team. On behalf of the Bulls, Captain Rohit Kumar scored 12 points with Super 10 and Ajay Kumar scored 7 points. Online Pro Kabaddi Betting India

pro kabaddi season 5 | Kabaddi Betting India
Rahul Chaudhary was able to get only 4 points and this was the main reason for the defeat of the Titans.

In the last minute Rakesh Kumar’s successful Red and Ajay out in his Red, but Bengaluru Bulls defeated the Telugu Titans 31-21, badly defeating the domestic team in three matches.

In the 38th minute, Mohsen is out in his Red and Titans all out, Bengaluru Bulls now ahead of 31-19

pro kabaddi man of the match | Kabaddi Betting

Ajay Kumar’s Super Red and Great Performance in the 38th minute, Bangalore Bulls now ahead 28-18

In the 37th minute, Rahul Chaudhary got out in his red and Bulls got Rohit Kumar on 25-17. Pro Kabaddi Betting Tips 2017

Now less than five minutes in the match, the rest and the Telugu Titans are continuously increasing towards the second defeat, they now need a miracle

Successful Red and Titans of Evolution got a score in the 35th minute, Bulls ahead of 24-17

Rahul chaudhary | Pro Kabaddi Betting

Rohit Kumar’s successful red in the 34th minute and his 11 points in the match and ‘Super 10′ in the red, the bull’s edge is eight points

In the 32nd and 33rd minutes, Mohsen and Nilesh came out in front of the Bangalore Bulls’ tremendous defence, Bulls now ahead of 23-16

Successful Red and Telugu Titans of Vikas got a score in the 31st minute, after the time out Ajay got out in his Red and Titans got another point, now scores 21-16 in favour of Bulls

Bulls Vs Titans | Pro Kabaddi Betting India

Rahul Chaudhary and Rohit Kumar’s successful Red, Nilesh Salunkhe got out in his Red in the beginning of second half, Bulls now ahead of 17-11. Kabaddi Full Schedule & Time Table

The first half finished and the Bengaluru Bulls kept their hold, Telugu Titans back five points and they have to return to the second half

In the last minute of the first half, Rohit & # 39; s another successful red and now the Bulls 15-10 ahead

In the 15th minute, Nilesh Salunkhe scored a score in the Red, score 14-7 in favour of Bulls

rahul Choudhery | Kabaddi Betting

In the 10th minute, Rohit Kumar’s duo and Die Red and he again achieved 2 points with the help of a dive, ahead of Bulls 8-2

In the fifth minute, Bangalore Bulls review and Rohit Kumar got a bonus point, score 2-2




Batting is considerably more than scoring runs. It is a craftsmanship which can be best done by few batsmen as it were. They have the artfulness to play so nimbly that watchers are left entranced. Discussing such finest batsmen conveys us to our present theme of exchange MOST SUCCESSFUL OPENING BATSMEN.

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Despite the fact that batting in various positions brings diverse difficulties, as yet opening the innings is the hardest of all. At the point when the ball is new, group depends on none other than accomplished opening batsmen to expand their odds of winning. In India, presently there are five incredible opening batsmen and we will reveal to you why.

1. Virat Kohli

Unarguably, Virat Kohli is the best batsman of India who can be known as a legend of cricket. By modifying all records of this amusement, he has turned into the symbol of world cricket. His profession as a cricketer went on for radiant 24 years where he was seen adjusting to different diversion configurations and the era of cricketers. He has a lethal method which can put even great conveyances to the fence. Free Online Cricket Betting Site

Virat Kohli | Online Cricket Betting

With Dhoni as his partner, he has astounded the world ordinarily by scoring a truckload of runs Virat Kohli Now become the Captain of Indian Cricket Team for all Format of the Cricket and now he is No.1 Batsman in ICC ODI ranking.

2. David Warner

Known as Backbone of Australian Team, he has prompted another time in Australia cricket with his ingrained certainty and batting. He is skilled with incredible planning and capacity to enter the off side regardless of what numbers of defenders are available. As a skipper, he drove the group from the front with batting. Aside from incredible cricket sense, he was amazing against turn rocking the bowling alley

David Warner | Cricket Betting India

3. AB de Villiers

Known for his brave wagering, this dynamic batsman, however, didn’t have an impeccable skill yet had delivered stunning outcomes with negligible footwork. AB de Villiers has unimaginable hands and eyes coordination which gave this privilege gave batsmen third rank in this commencement. He scored 9319 keeps running in his prominent profession at a normal rate of 53.56, including 24 centuries. Online Cricket Betting Guide for Indian Punters

AB De Villiers | Free Cricket Betting India

AB de Villiers handles knocking down some pins assaults with forceful. Substitution of this 33 years of age batsmen in the close-by future will be an intense choice for South Africa cricket group.


In spite of the fact that he began as a normal centre request batsmen however then has made considerable progress to build up himself as the productive opening batsman. He has possessed the capacity to made his own particular opening shot because of the confidence of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in his potential. His normal which was before gliding around 30’s has expanded to 42 at the display and as an opener, he has a splendid number of 50.

Rohit Sharma | Cricket Betting Online India

His initially opening batting was seen in 2013 and from that point forward this Mumbai chap has been breaking ODI records. He is presently the best opening batsmen of a new era. The 29-year-old got profited with opening batting a considerable measure. He is presently better in his procedure and mental viewpoint about the diversion. He has scored 50008 keeps running in 148 matches at a normal of 42.08, which is something that no batsman can consider. His most elevated score is 264 runs, which resembles unparalleled.

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Pro Kabaddi Betting Tips 2017

Kabaddi is one of the rare sports game that is massive in our Country. In India Kabaddi become famous when Pro Kabaddi Introduce 1st time then after that Pro Kabaddi Viewers Increase Simultaneously. If you love Kabaddi then Pro Kabaddi League is for you but is practically unheard of everywhere else around the world its only quite popular in India. We know the rules of pro kabaddi and Going to share with you because before going to Start Pro Kabaddi Betting you need to Understand Pro Kabaddi Betting Odds. There are lots of Betters who want to Place Bet on Kabaddi matches there is approx 70% Betters are didn’t know the complete rules of Pro Kabaddi. Pro kabaddi Betting India

PRO Kabaddi season 5 | Kabaddi Betting India

There is very Few Exception to that rule. Pro Kabaddi Viewer Increase simultaneously in India and also around the world. Kabaddi describes many disciplines of a single game. some of these leagues are bigger than others and some are popular in Certain reasons.

PRO kabaddi season 5 | Pro Kabaddi Betting India

Pro Kabaddi League introduces 1st time in 2014. The Sports Beegan to take on a more Global Presence. the Official Broadcast partner for Pro Kabaddi League is Star Sports. and also make Out of the India Coverage by ESPN & Fox Sports that are Big Sports Channels. Pro Kabaddi Season 5 Schedule & Time Table

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India vs Sri Lanka 1st Test Cricket Betting Preview

Indian Currently is the top team in ICC Test Cricket Ranking. India also one of the most favourite team for bookmarks or bookies website. There is lots of Cricket Betting site who make India as the Favourite team for the 1st test match between India vs Sri Lanka. Here is the list of a website like 24sevenbet, 1xbet, Bet365 and more. India is the Favourite team of the 1st test match and the odds for India on 1st match betting was 1.50 if India Will win User get multiple of 1.50 of their total amount. Online Cricket Betting India

Indian Cricket Team | Cricket Betting India

It was the 1st International Cricket match after appointing Ravi Shastri as the new head coach of Indian Cricket Team. Anil Kumble stepped down from the post of head coach of Indian Cricket team. Virat Kohli and his team try to perform better against weak team Sri Lanka. India has the Good track record against Sri Lanka in Test Cricket in last few years.

India-vs-Sri-Lanka | Online Cricket Betting

Sri Lanka Struggling in Betting market they didn’t become a favourite team for betters since last few years they continuously drop their ranking in test cricket they are now at 7th position and India are in 1st Position. Since a long time, 1xBet gives Sri Lanka to huge price on betting stacks of 9.0. Will Sri Lanka Gives the tough fight to India. Sri Lanka has their captaincy problem they have recurrent captain Dinesh Chandimal earlier in this month. that was the 2nd test Series for him as a Test captain.

Batting Analysis

Shikhar Dhawan and Ajankya rahane are in the good form in the last few matches and they are recalled for the test team because of Murli Vijay out of the series due to injury. Shikhar Dhawan will open the game for India and then the second partner was KL Rahul who also come in opening but on the 1st match KL Rahul Was unable to Play because he is struggling with their fitness he has Fever let we can see Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan as opener in the 1st test match and India also have the Strongest Middle order Cheteshwar Pujara, Virat Kohli and Ajinkya Rahane comprise a strong middle-order which is one of India key strengths.

Ajinkya-Rahane | Cricket Betting India

Sri Lanka Often Struggling with their consistency. Dimuth Karunaratne and Upul Tharanga will open the batting with Kusal Mendis set to come in at the fall of the first wicket. Sri Lanka batting became poor when senior players take retirement from the International Cricket matches. Virat Kohli will reach Different level in Next Few Years – Ravi Shashtri

Bowling analysis

Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravinder Jadeja handle the bulk of the bowling duties because in Test Cricket India trust on their Spinner and they always perform well in Test Cricket matches. India chose 2 swimmers in their team from Mohammed Shami and Umesh Yadav are likely to be the two seamers although Bhuvneshwar Kumar

jadeja-ashwin | Cricket Betting Sites

For Sri Lanka, their youngster Lahiru Kumara and Suranga Lakmal will start with the new ball. Asele Gunaratne should act as the third seamer although Nuwan Pradeep has also been recalled to the squad. But it is the two spinners Rangana Herath and Dilruwan Perera who will play the central roles in this bowling attack. Free Sports Betting India

sri lanka test bowling | Cricket Betting

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