5 Players Who Could Be the Vice-Captain of Indian ODI and T20 Cricket Team

The resignation of MS Dhoni as the ODI and T20I skipper left people curious to know who will succeed his captaincy. The outstanding performance by Virat Kohli match after another match convinced the jury to hand over the captaincy to him.

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As a result, Kohli became the skipper of test team in the year 2015. He acted as the vice-captain to Dhoni in limited over formats. Now since Kohli is promoted as the captain, again a vacancy for vice-captain has been created. To fill this void, there are many eligible players who have the chances of appointed as the Kohli’s deputy by the Indian selectors.

Let’s have a look who all meet the eligibility criteria of the vice president for Indian cricket team in T20I and ODIS game formats. Free Cricket Betting Online in India

1. Rohit Sharma

He is the favorite name of many when we talk about the vice-captain of Indian team in limited-overs format. After the thigh injury that he sustained in the fifth ODI against New Zealand, he made a powerful comeback. He possesses all those qualities that are required to be the captain of Indian team. Also, during the IPL he has shown his calibre as the captain during which Mumbai Indians tasted victory twice. Also, seeing the bonding between Kohli and Rohit, if this Mumbaikar is not selected as the vice-captain, it would be quite shocking.

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2. R Ashwin

Religious followers of Tamil Nadu cricket what as assest R Ashiwn is to the Indian cricket team. There is no doubt in the fact Ashwin can be a good captain as he always has a plan B if plan A doesn’t works. It would be interesting for the fans to see what wise ideas he shares with the captain prior and during the match. Ashwin played the role of vice-captain of the Indian team when Ajinkya Rahane was ruled out of the two test matches against England.

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3. Ajinkya Rahane

He is another experienced player who has captained the Indian cricket team in 2015. He enjoyed the captaincy during the India’s tour of Zimbabwe. At that time he created the history by becoming the seventh Indian captain by completing a whitewash in an ODI series. Interestingly, he is also known as the Kohli’s assistant in the games with longer formats. So it won’t be wrong to choose him as the Virat Kohli’s deputy. Now we all would be curious to know whether selectors would find Rahane as the suitable candidate despite his irregular performance in limited overs. Indian Premier League Betting at 24sevenbet

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4. Suresh Raina

He has captained the Indian team in the past and hence is not amateur for the vice-captain vacancy. Earlier, Raina was the successor to MS Dhoni because of his tons of runs in international cricket. He was appointed as the captain of the Indian ODI side in the year 2010 for Zimbabwe tour. Additionally, he was also advertised as Dhoni’s protege since he learnt captaincy from Dhoni himself during the days they both spent together at Chennai Super Kings. But the poor performance of the Raina made many disappointed and hence was dropped from the Indian ODI team. But he is still a part of the T20 squad and hence there are speculation he might be seen as Dhoni’s deputy again.

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5. KL Rahul

He is one of those players who has hands-on experience in the Indian team for playing across all the three game formats. A young, fiery soul needed for the Kohli’s deputy couldn’t be better than him. However, we can’t deny the risk involved in investing on such a young player. Born in Karnataka, he doesn’t have a captaincy experience professionally in the past and thus making him the vice president might put pressure on his shoulders. As a result, he might not deliver best results in batting. But in case if he performs well as the vice-captain, he can be groomed later to perform the role of a captain when Kohli decided to step down from his position. Know About Different Types of Bet Place in Cricket

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Rising Players to Keep an Eye on Premier Badminton League Season 2

Premier badminton league is ready to hit its second season in just a week. This season is not about big names only. There will be many new and young budding Indian players participating in this league who are definitely worth watching. Badminton Betting India

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Have a look at the players you can’t afford to miss in the PBL II.

1. Sameer Verma, From Hyderabad Hunters

This young lad is born in Madhya Pradesh and is following the footsteps of his elder brother Sourabh. Though badminton might be his inspiration he has taken from his brother but the amazing talent of his wrists this 22-year old have is unmatchable. Don’t go his lean body as he is a terrific retriever. Though consistency is not there in his performance but when he tries to maintain he deliver outstanding results like beating the world’s third number Jan O Jorgensen in the Hong Kong Super Series Final.

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Let’s see what he brings to the table this year.

2. Pranaav Jerry Chopra & Sikki Reddy, From Bengaluru Blasters

From the Bengaluru is coming the powerful double pack of Pranaav Jerry and Sikki Reddy. This mixed double duo is already under the limelight as they already have two winning titles in their bag, including Brazil Grand Prix and Russian Open Grand Pix. Their team Blasters have high hopes with both the boys Reddy, 23 and Chopra, 24 in this second season of PBL. Now, it would be interesting to know whether they both have the potential to face the tough competition by strong players like Chris and Gabrielle. Premier Badminton League Betting

Pranaav Jerry Chopra | PBL Betting India

3. Siril Verma, From Delhi Acers

This 17-year old is the top junior player as per the 2016 world rankings. Earlier, he has been also a part of Hyderabad Hunters in this league. Though he has just played one game but still he has impressed many during the match. This time his teammates are expecting him to tackle the opportunities in his way really well. He has been referred as “natural talent with his own style” by P. Gopichand who has been watching his training since he was eight.

Siril Verma | Premier Badminton League Betting

Training with the top players Srikanth, Kashyap, Gurusaidutt etc, would further benefit his performance.

4. Satwik Sairaj, From Hyderabad Hunters

At the age of 16 he has become a special player for the Hunters team. Last year he has played in the PBL with Srikanth’s elder brother Nandagoal to beat Delhi Acer’s much wanted team of Tan Boong Heong and Koon Kien Keat. Also, with the best players well-known Fernando Rivas in his coaching team and single Olympic gold medalist Carolina Marin amd doubles Olympic silver medalist Wee Kiong Tan in his team, he is surely going to learn a lot. Free Sports Betting India

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5 Terrific Records Breaking by Virat Kohli in Fourth Test Against England

In a significant double century, Virat Kohli broke all records and gave a spectacular treat to the audience by giving a magical display of his batting. He tormented the bowlers without any scope of mercy making the test cricket must watch which otherwise attracts a sizeable crowd. India’s Best Free Online Cricket Betting Site

This year Kohli impressed us with his sound footwork and this match was no exception. His marvellous stroke-play gave England a tough competition and bestowed his team with the series’ best victory.

The weekend crowd in Wankhede Stadium applauded when the Indian team skipper leads with awe-inspiring 235 in the first innings. Let us take you through how many decisive records Kohli broke down during his journey to 235 runs.

1. First batsman ever to average 50+ in all three formats:

In 2016, Kohli excelled in almost every format of the game. Be it ODI’s, test series or T20I’s, he left no stone unturned to reach new milestones this year. He is at the peak of the success by becoming the first batsman in the cricket history to hold a fifty plus average in all three formats of the game. As there is still one match left in Chennai, we are hoping he might come up with one more feather in his cap by the end of this year.

Virat Kohli Carrer | Online Cricket Betting

2. Became highest scoring batsman against England:

Before Virat Kohli, this honor belonged to Vinod Kambli who scored 224 from 411 balls in the same stadium in 1993 against Graham Gooch’s visitors. Though in this test, England won the toss but it didn’t benefitted their team who set the goal of 347 runs. India taking inspiration from the Kambli’s heroic score take a 224-run lead. Anil Kumble, Rajesh Chauhan and Venkatapathy Raju sealed the innings by victory and on the top of it was 3-0 whitwash. Place Free Bet on Cricket Matches

Virat Kohli | Cricket Betting India

3. Highest Indian run scorer in series against England:

Started with the Saurav Ganguly leadership, England felt Indian team as the competition in 2002. In this test, Naseer Hussain gave us 170 run victory and then from the second innings till the end of series, Rahul Dravid amazed everyone with his scores that read-115, 148 and 217. And then came the glorious day when Dravid hit 602 runs just from six innings at Headingly. Taking this legacy ahead, Kohli has scored 640 runs already from seven innings and might go further with one match still left in the series.

Virat Kohli | Online Cricket Betting India


4. First Indian to score 3 double century in calendar year:

In the beginning of the year, Kohli scored 169 against Australia in a test innings. Reluctant naysayers didn’t wish to include him in the traditional game format thereafter. But Kohli silenced them in his style by reeling three double centuries in a calendar year. He scored his maiden double ton at a venue named after Sir Viv Richards and then New Zealand sharpen his blade at the Holkar Stadium. India’s Best IPL Betting Site

Virat Kohli Test Cricket | Free Cricket betting


5. Highest scoring Indian captain in test innings:

Prior to Kohli, there had been six instances when Indian captain crossed 200 score in an innings. Till now, MS Dhoni was leading this list. During the saga of his heroic achievements, Kohli was about to eclipse the former wicket-keeper’s 224 against Australia in 2013. But, now the star player has beaten his predecessor and achieved dominance in this domain as well. As a captain, the average of Kohli has reached to astounding 65.50, which is just next to Sir Don Bradman.

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Virat Kohli Career Best ICC Test Ranking | Ravindra Jadeja Latest Test Ranking

In an awesome series against England, Virat Kohli added one more star in the fifty’s scoreboard. Basically, the third test helped him to score one more half century. With this he gets the best test ranking of his career. He is at No.3 as per the latest ICC rankings for test batsmen. Talking about the bowlers, Ravichandran  Ashwin still holding the number 1 position, while Josh Hazlewood is the biggest mover and Ravindra Jadeja is  best all-rounder at No.4. Free Cricket Betting Site in India- 24sevenbet

#3 Test Ranking  Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli | Cricket Betting India

With 833 points, 62 in the first innings and fabulous six in the second moved Virat to the best spot of his career in the recently released rankings. You all will be amazed to know that Kohli started series at the 15th position. By scoring terrific 405 runs, he has just climbed up so high in the series rankings.


The top spot is sealed by Steve Smith who has the 50-point lead over Root at the second place, leading Kohli by 14-point. There are still two more India-England tests are left and we are sure both the players will try their best to beat the Australian Captain in the race of top ICC ranking . This year seems to be lucky for other players too other thank kholi.

#1 Test Ranking Steven Smith

Steven Smith | Free Cricket Betting India

Jonny Bairstow moved up three places to ninth rank, while Usman Khawaja, the Australian Batsman has moved up nine places to 19th position. Not to forget, Stephen who climbed up 30 places, the best in his career to reach 44th position. However, the biggest downfall was of Younus Khan who moved down to ninth position after a bad match in New Zealand. Best Tips to Increase Your Profit from Cricket Betting

#1 Test Bowler Ranking Ravichandran Ashwin

Ravichandran Ashwin | Test Cricket Betting India

Proudly holding the No.1 rank in bowlers. Ravichandran Ashwin extended his lead over Rangana Herath. Personal bests were achieved by India’s Mohammad Shami, South Africa’s Kyle Abbott, Australia’s Josh Hazelwood, and England’s Ben Strokes. Terrific performance by Hazelwood in the Day-Night test helped him to come in the top-five for the first time in his career. At the same time, Shami moved up two places to 19th position, and Stokes climbed four places to take the No.21 rank.

#7 Test Bowler Ranking Ravinder Jadega

Ravindra Jadeja | International Cricket Betting India

Coming to all-rounders rankings, Ravindra Jadeja is at his best phase of career after scoring fifty in Mohali and enjoys No.4 position at present. While his bowling partner Ashwin is still leading with 498 points, which is something that no all-rounder has achieved till now after Jacques Kallis in 2008. India’s Best Sports Betting Site-24sevenbet

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Parthive Patel Make a Comeback to India’s Test Series After a Gap of 8 Years

The injury of India’s finest keeper Wriddhiman gave a comeback opportunity to Parthiv. He was last seen playing for the India’s team in the year 2011. Finally, Patel’s 8 years test-exile is about to end in Mohali. India’s Best Cricket Betting Site 24sevenbet

Partiv Patel | Cricket Betting India 24sevenbet

On Wednesday, BBCI (Board of Cricket for Control in India) announced that in the third test against England, Parthiv Patel will replace Wriddhiman Saha at Mohali. While playing the second test at Visakhapatnam, Saha got a strain in his left thigh and is advised by the India’s medical team to take rest. He is India’s one of the best wicketkeeper-batsmen in the longest game format.

Partiv Patel | Free Cricket Betting India

Coming to Patel, his last test appearance was against Sri Lanka in the year 2008. Further, this left-handed batsman has not played even in International cricket after his T20I against England in 2011. His scoreboard includes 683 runs at an average of 29.69 from 20 test matches. During this, 31-year-old scored half-century four times in whites. Play Free Cricket Betting & Win Prizes

He has made a wonderful beginning this year with his 2016-17 Ranji Trophy with Gujarat. He has scored 415 runs at an average rate of 59.28 and credited three fifties and a hundred to his scoreboard. Rishabh Pant is also a potent wicketkeeper-batsman is currently on the top in run charts of Ranji Trophy with 874 runs but for him, it is not logistically possible to reach Mohali from Wayand on time. In Wayand, Pant is currently playing for a Ranji Trophy match which will end on 24th Nov. As Mohali match is starting on 26th Nov, it is not practically possible for Pant to travel to either Kochi or Thiruvananthapuram by road from Wayanad and then take a Delhi flight, followed by another flight to Chandigarh to reach Mohali.

Anil Kumble | Sports Betting India 24sevenbet

On Tuesday, BCCI finally named the final team of 16 men for the remaining three test against Alastair Cook’s side. On the other hand, fit Bhuvneshwar Kumar was brought back in place of Gautam Gambhir.  With this Indian team is all set to play in the Mohali match.

Currently, India is leading the five-match series by 1-0. Top 5 India’s Most Successful Opening Batsmen of ODI Format