India vs England 1st ODI Preview & Betting Prediction

Team India is going to Play one-day International match on Thursday against England, which is the first match of the three-match series, but this ODI will see the preparation of the Kohli and Company’s preparations for World Cup 2019 which will be held in England next year.

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India has started this tour by winning the 2-1 in the T20 Series but the England team in ODI format is slightly different. Beating number one team behind India in the ICC rankings and defeating England will not be easy for Team India.

Although Indian team win T20 Series against England but defeting England in ODI series become difficult task for them, this team has recently clinched the record of clean sweep Australia for the first time by 5-0.

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In terms of India, his greatest strength in this match will be hidden in his batting as always. Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan have a good knowledge of how to score runs on England soil. KL Rahul’s strong performance at third position in the T20 series has given Captain Kohli a chance to send him to the third position and force himself to fourth position, which could greatly increase the depth of Indian batting. Dhoni’s experience, along with the lower-order batsmen, has the power to remove India from the difficult situation.

Dhawan and Rohit | ENG vs India ODI

However, this decision will depend much on the war between England’s batting and India’s bowling. Jos Buttler, Jason Roy, Alex Hales Eoin Morgan, Joe Root Jonny Bairstow and Ben Stokes, have the power to destroy any bowling attack in the world.

India’s hopes are dependent on its spin department that means Yajwendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav have the big responsibility. In the first T20 match, Kuldeep did excellent bowling against English batsmen but in the second match Kuldeep was washed up so much that he had to sit on the bench in the third T20. If the Indian spinner fails to crack the English batsman then it will become difficult for the captain Kohli to stop England batting lineup.

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England’s team has crossed the 300-run mark of 31 times in the last 69 matches and won 23rd matches. 11 times the England team has crossed 350 runs and crossed the 400-plus figure three times. If Team India has to win the game against such a strong team, then they have to play the game like a unit.

Both team has the explosive batting attack and Indian team struggling with bowler fitness issue. Indian team star bowler get injured during the series that are Bhuvneswar Kumar, Jasprit Bumrah they both are the leading wicket taker in ODI Format but they both are unfit to Play 1st ODI Match. Bumrah goes out of the series and Bhuvi get injury problem so it will hard task to beat England. England has the Strongest Batting order. Indian team fully depended on their spinners. Match become Excited because both team batting order are in the Best Form

  India 1.65                                          England 2.40



List of Team who Score more then 300 Runs in ODI Cricket Maximum Times

Now in international cricket 300 runs score are common. At the previous time if team will score more then 300 runs then they have more then 90% Chances to win the game but in current time any score more then 300 runs will not safe. Before 2006 any team will never cross 400+ score and now the score 400+ crossed 18 times.

In International Cricket England make 300 run Against India in World Cup 1975.

The Indian team crossed the Sri Lankan in the ODI series in 2017, crossed the 300-mark for the 100th time and made the first team to do so. Record of the biggest score in International ODI Cricket England (444/3 vs Pakistan, Nottingham 2016). Free Cricket Betting India

1. India (101 Times)

The Indian team has scored a record of 101 times 300 or more records so far. In these occasions India has crossed the score of 400 Runs 5 times. The Indian team crossed the 300 mark against Pakistan in Sharjah on April 15, 1996 for the first time. India scored a score of 305/5 in that match and beat Pakistan by 28 runs. India made the 400 for the first time in the 2007 World Cup against Bermuda on March 19 in Port of Spain. India’s score was 413/5 in that match and won by 257 runs.

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2. Australia (97 Times)

Australia first scored 300 Runs against Sri Lanka in 11 June 1975. In that match Australia had scored 328/5 and defeated Sri Lanka by 52 runs.

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The record for the biggest score in an innings is 434/4, which they made against South Africa in Johannesburg on 12 March 2006. Australia have so far scored more than 400 scores twice.

3. South Africa (79 Times)

For the first time South Africa had scored 300 against New Zealand in 11th December 1994. In that match South Africa had scored 314/7 and defeated New Zealand by 81 runs.

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The record for the highest score in an innings is 439/2, which he made against the West Indies on 18 January 2015. South Africa has so far crossed the record record of 400 times

4. Pakistan (69 Times)

Pakistan first scored 300 Runs against Sri Lanka on 14th June 1975. Pakistan (330/6) defeated Sri Lanka in the match by a huge margin of 192 runs. Betting on cricket in 2018: What’s currently available right now?

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The record of the biggest score in an innings is 385/7, which he made against Bangladesh on 21 June 2010. Pakistan has not even scored a score of 400 once.

5. Sri Lanka (66 Times)

For the first time, Sri Lanka made 300 against Zimbabwe on February 23, 1992. Sri Lanka (313/7) defeated Zimbabwe by three wickets in that match.

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The record for the highest score in an innings is 443/9, which he made against the Netherlands on 4 July 2006. Sri Lanka has so far crossed the 400 mark twice.

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Nita Ambani, the Mumbai Indians owner, told the story Hardik Pandya Become Emotional

Success is not easily achieved by the person, it has to struggle hard. It is said that the brightness of gold also comes after burning in the fire, the story of every successful person is similar. Nita Ambani introduced everyone to a similar story, this story is the Indian team’s all-rounder Hardik Pandya and her brother Kuralal Pandya.

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In fact, the news group INDIA TODAY organizes the India Today Enclave every year and under this, the INDIA TODAY Enclave was also organized this year. On this occasion, every region of the country, through this medium, holds its views with the people of the country, Nita Ambani, the daughter of the Ambani family, also holds her views in front of everyone. Nita Ambani told those present that she wants to tell an inspirational story and this story is about the journey of two brothers. Free Cricket & IPL Betting India

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I want to tell you a story, a story of two brothers who is very great. First of all, I tell you where they come from. Two small children were living in Gujarat, who came from a very small family. There was no money in his house at that time, for many days both children had to starve but because of that he did not stop. To play with different village teams, he used to travel from village to village local train, sometimes without ticket and he returned home in the truck.

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He used to do so much for just 300 rupees, at that time he did not even know that his fate would change. While playing the T20 tournament for Baroda in 2013, the younger brother was selected for the Reliance One team, where he performed brilliantly and then was selected for the Mumbai Indians. Today, the person knows the whole world, whose name is Hardik Pandya.

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5 Dangerous Players Who Will Break Virat Kohli’s Record in Future

1. AB de Villiers

Age (34 years)        ODI 228       Runs 9577      100’s 25         

AB Deviliers Body Language is totally different on the field, but the highest probability of equalizing the pace of Kohli is also linked to AB Devillers.

When Kohli reaches a record, the noise of his success is heard to the whole world cricket. When Kohli completed 5000,6000 and 7000 runs in ODIs, he proved to be the fastest batsman to reach these points, but AB Deviliers was not behind him.

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2. Hasim Amla

Age (34 years)              ODI 164               Runs 7535               100’s 26
In the case of ODI statistics, Hasim Amla can also challenge Kohli’s records further. In 2000 and 3000 runs, he was faster than Kohli and he left behind only 2000 runs to complete Kohli.

If Hasim Amla uses the rhythm and aggression to reach the half-century, if he can continue the same accent accurately then he can find out the records of centuries of Kohli. IPL 2018 Schedule Download

Hashim Amla | Top 5 Cricket Dangerous Player


3. Quantin D. Cock

Age (25 years)            ODI 090                Runs 3860           100’s 13

Quantin D. Cock is the deadliest batsman, who can be the second big witness to Team India. This South African player has scored a century against India 5 times in just 12 matches. D-Coach can also prove to be a big danger for Kohli’s records.

Quinton’s name is also among batsmen who have consistently scored three ODI hundreds. In comparison to Kohli, the factor of age is more in favor of D-Coq than Dhawan and Amla, he is 3 years younger than Virat Kohli

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4. Joe Root

Age (27 years)           ODI 105               Runs 4326              100’s 10

The route which is comparatively not comparable to Kohli is that he touched the figures of 3000 and 4000 ODI runs faster than Kohli. Actually, Root admitted in an interview to BBC that he wants to match Kohli’s ODI records. .

There are two things that go in favor of the root. One is that his age is less than Kohli and he can play cricket for more than Kohli. Second, since he has started his career, since then, he has never been completely out of form.

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5. Babar Azam

Age (23 years)       ODI 041          Runs 1789           100’s 07

At present, every country playing cricket wants a player like Kohli in his team. Pakistan has a glimpse of Kohli in Babar Azam. Ever since Dabu in 2015, Azam surprised everyone by his performance. In 2016 he scored three consecutive centuries against the West Indies.

He completed his 7 centuries in just 33 matches. However, compared to Kohli, it can be said a little too hasty because there is a difference in the tone of both. Azam is very well versed in the innings, while Kohli collects runs with full aggression. But change in Azam can be seen in some years. Recently, in a charity match of 10-10 overs, he scored a century in 26 balls, proving that he is capable of playing fast innings.

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ODI Bowlers Ranking Update : Jasprit Bumrah & Rashid Khan Became No.1 Bowler

In the recent ICC rankings issued after the South Africa-India and Afghanistan-Zimbabwe ODI series, two bowlers have occupied the first place. Jaspreet Bumrah of India and Rashid Khan of Afghanistan are the new number one bowler with 787 points each. Rashid Khan, who took 16 wickets in the five-match series against Zimbabwe, has Gain 8 points and Jaspreet Bumrah, who took eight wickets in the series against South Africa, has gained two places. Free Cricket Betting & Win prizes Online

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Jaspreet Bumrah and Rashid Khan came first position in the top spot in the top-10 with Imran Tahir losing five places to sixth and Trent Bolt has moved up one place to third position. Yuvevendra Chahal, who took 16 wickets in 6 matches against South Africa, has reached the eighth position with the greatest advantage of 21 places. For this reason, Mitchell Santnor and Mitchell Starc have suffered a loss of two places. Kagiso Rabada is at seventh place due to the loss of one place.

Rashid Khan | Free IPL Betting India

Outside the top 10, Kuldeep Yadav, who took 17 wickets in the series against South Africa, has reached the 15th position after scoring 47 places. Patel, who has not played a single match in the series, has reached the 16th position with loss of 6 places. Bhuvaneshwar Kumar is 23rd and Hardik Pandya is 30th.

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Mohammad Nabi of Afghanistan has reached the 11th position with the advantage of 7 places.

In the all-rounders rankings, Shakib Al Hasan is the first and Mohammad Hafeez is in second place. Mohammed Nabi is at third place, while Rashid Khan has reached the fourth position with the advantage of 11 places. One all-rounder from India and South Africa is not in Top 10.

Bowlers Ranking | Free Cricket Betting India

This the list of Top ODI Bowler 2 Indian bowlers comes in Top 10 of the ODI Cricket Ranking and first time in many years Indian bowler will be at the 1st Position in ODI Bowler ranking. Indian Premier League started Place free Bet on Your Favourite Team & Win Lots of Amazing Prizes online During Indian Premier League Betting India


5 Top Batsman Who Scored More Century Till the age of 30

The more runs a player runs in the field of cricket, the more the chances of his team’s victory are increased. It is always a matter of pride for the players to play a key role in the victory of a team. At the same time, if a team wins a player’s century in the game of cricket, then that win and that player’s value also increase. Free Online Cricket Betting India

Top 5 Cricketer | Free Cricket Betting India

There are many great batsmen in cricket who have scored hundreds in their careers. Being in the forefront of centuries is also a matter of pride in itself. Former India batsman Sachin Tendulkar is the front runner for the most centuries in ODIs and Test cricket.

While Sachin Tendulkar has made 49 centuries in ODIs, Sachin Tendulkar has scored 51 hundreds in Test cricket. There was a time when Sachin Tendulkar was at the forefront of putting the highest ODI century till the age of 30, but now it is not so. This record has now been taken by another batsman, after going ahead of Sachin Tendulkar.

5. AB de Villiers

South African player AB de Villiers is fifth in the list. ABD Villiers, who is known for his knock-out batting, has scored a century in many important occasions while scoring runs for the team. The names of 34-year-old AB de Villiers were recorded in ODI cricket, up to the age of 30, in which 16 centuries were recorded.

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ABD Villiers, who started the ODI cricket career in the year 2005, is currently known as the most talented cricketer. At present, AB de Villiers has scored 53 half-centuries and 25 hundreds in ODI cricket.

AB de Villiers is the only player whose name is the fastest 50 in ODI cricket, a record of 100 runs and 150 runs. ABD Villiers, who played 228 ODIs for South Africa, has scored 9577 runs at an average of 53.50.

4. Sourav Gaungly

Sourav Ganguly, who started his ODI career in 1992, scored his first century against Sri Lanka in 1997. In his career, Sourav Ganguly, who is known as ‘Dada’, has done 22 centuries with 72 half centuries in ODIs.

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Apart from this, Sourav Ganguly played 311 matches in his ODI career, scoring 11363 runs at an average of 40.73. Sourav Ganguly retired from cricket in the year 2007. Sourav Ganguly is currently eighth in the list of highest run scorers in ODIs.

3. Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle, who made history worldwide for his flamboyant shots, started his ODI career against India in 1999. Currently Chris Gayle has scored 22 hundreds in one-day cricket. In the Indian Premier League, Chris Gayle is known as top scorer, while Chris Gayle is the first player to score hundreds in all three formats of the game. IPL 2018 Scheduled Download

Chris Gayle | Cricket Betting India

By January 2018, Chris Gayle has played 275 matches for the West Indies and has scored 9420 runs at an average of 37.09.

2. Sachin Tendulkar

However, Sachin Tendulkar, who retired from ODIs in 2012, is the highest run scorer in Test and ODI cricket. Sachin Tendulkar is the only batsman in cricket history to have a record of 100 centuries in international cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar | Free Cricket Betting India

Sachin Tendulkar has played 463 matches for India in his ODI career. During this period, he scored 18426 runs at an average of 44.83.

1. Virat Kohli

Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli has secured first place, leaving Tendulkar behind in the list of most ODI centuries before he is 30 years old. Virat Kohli is the only player in this list who is not even 30 years old. Even before the age of 30, Virat Kohli has scored 35 centuries in ODI cricket. Virat Kohli will complete the age of 30 on November 5, 2018. By then, they can get to see their rise in centuries. Free Sports Betting & Win Rewards

Virat Kohli | Online Cricket Betting India

Virat Kohli made his ODI debut against the Sri Lanka in 2009 on the field of Eden Gardens. Currently Virat Kohli has played 208 ODIs for India and batted at an average of 58.11 and has scored 9588 runs. Virat Kohli’s most individual score in ODI cricket is 183 runs, which came in the Asia Cup in 2012 against Pakistan with his bat.

However, Virat Kohli is still 30 years old. Looking at his current form and fitness, it can be expected that Virat Kohli will take a few hundreds in ODI cricket until he completes the age of 30.

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IPL 2018 Complete Schedule & Venus Detail & Dowanload PDF File

The announcement of the 11th season’s schedule of  Cricket (IPL) on Wednesday. The 51-day tournament will start on April 7, 2018. The first match of the season will be played between the current champions Mumbai Indians and the two-time champion Chennai Super Kings at the Wankhede Cricket Ground of Mumbai. Tell us that the CSK team, captained by MS Dhoni, is returning after two years, while the champions of the Champions of 3 times are Rohit Sharma of Mumbai Indians. IPL 2018 Schedule Dowanload

The news of happiness for fans of Rajastan Royals and Super Kings teams who are returning after two years of ban due to spot fixing is the fact that the matches of these two franchise teams are held in the Sawai Mansingh Stadium (Jaipur) and MA Chidambaram Stadium (Chennai) respectively. Will be played. Kings XI Punjab will play their 3 home matches Indore and 4 matches in Mohali

There are 12 matches in the upcoming league, which will be played from 4 o’clock in the evening, while 48 matches will be played from 8 o’clock. Although the official broadcaster of the League Star Sports had said a few days ago, matches will be played from 7 o’clock instead of 8 o’clock this year and the matches that used to be from four o’clock will be from 5.30 PM. Star Sports will broadcast the league for the first time.

Before that, Sony Networks had the broadcast rights of the league. Star Sports said this by issuing a statement. Final match will be played at Mumbai’s Wankhede Stadium on 27th May.

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